5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Really Worth the Investment


So many individuals still have the idea that social media marketing is not as effective as traditional marketing tactics. They’ve tried it on their own before and didn’t see any results, so their conclusion is that it doesn’t work. The reality is that people spend a considerable portion of their days on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media is not just a place where people post selfies anymore. The number of people saying that they turn to social media to get their news, as opposed to traditional outlets, has doubled since 2010, from 9% to 19%, according to the Pew Research Center. With billions of monthly active users on social media channels, your business can’t afford to not get in on the social game.

Here’s what social media can do for your business when applied effectively:

Reach the right consumers:

Many social media networks allow users to keep a record of their interests, activities, connections, and interactions. This data is extremely beneficial to businesses that cater to those particular interests because they can create promotions to target their ideal audience.

Create a personal relationship with customers:

Social media allows businesses to interact directly with their customers. Whether its through a customers leaving a review or making an inquiry, businesses are able to communicate on a more personal level. This helps lead to stronger relationships and customer loyalty. When customers are loyal to your business, they are less likely to go to your competitors. Over time, this creates extreme value for your brand.

Increase search results for your business:

By communicating your message more effectively to your target audience, social media marketing allows users to look to your brand more consistently. Through increased and consistent exposure, your brand will hold more presence for more views.

Easily measure statistics:

By utilizing the advertising features right on social media platforms, businesses can measure the effectiveness of the campaigns they are putting forward. Understanding the demographics and interests of the individuals viewing your campaigns can allow businesses to modify their advertisements to better fit their target audience.

Save on marketing costs:

Social media marketing, even when it’s paid, is especially cheap. With the ability to set your own marketing budget, businesses will not have to worry about spending an obscene amount of money just to get an advertisement out there. Many companies have managed to obtain rapid success by utilizing effective social media campaigns at a fraction of the cost they would have had to spend on traditional marketing.

Social media marketing can do so much or your business if employed on the right platform, with the right content, at the right time. With the increasing shift to all things mobile, it’s important for businesses to put their content where their consumers are. The primary marketing goal is to make your products and services visible where people are most likely to notice.

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